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Unsere Partner

“In my 30 years’ experience in consumer goods exports, Promena stands out as one of the most professional and meticulous importers I’ve been lucky enough to work with. Ours has been a very pleasant and purposeful working relationship, thanks in particular to the excellent preparation the company does for joint meetings and its detailed knowledge of the market. Any difficulties that arise on the market or due to currency fluctuations are resolved judiciously and in a spirit of partnership.”

Michael Zwering, Export Director, Fürsten-Reform


“Promena has been representing our brands successfully on the Swiss market for many years. There are two things in particular that we appreciate about our day-to-day cooperation: firstly, the reliability and transparency you get from a family business and, secondly, the high level of professionalism and experience you get from a distributor who’s close to the market.”

Roland Rimann, Chief Executive Officer, Hermes Sweeteners


"Promena has been successfully representing our herbs and spices brands in Switzerland for many years. Their expertise in this category and outstanding collaboration with the trade is of great value. We appreciate their professionalism, reliability and key strength of navigating the business for long-term success."

Morad Bellal, Head of Switzerland & BENELUX markets, McCormick & Co. 


«Sodalis Group – a leading Italian Company in the Health & Beauty, Personal & Home Care. Our brands are famous for their high quality and innovative formulas.
Promena is our partner for many years that proudly represents our brands in Switzerland. We appreciate the professionalism and their recognition of our mission and company identity while distributing our products. We are glad to be partners with Promena that is sensitive to all the novelties of the market that assures us the best performance.»

Andrea Bora, Consumer Division Global Sales Manager Export Sodalis Group